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Elevating Hush Puppies' Brand Through Captivating Video and Animation

Creativity is our currency, and collaboration is our lifeblood. Our journey with Hush Puppies' dynamic marketing team has been nothing short of a symphony of color, resonating through the fashion and lifestyle sector with mesmerizing video and animation content. Let's take you on a technicolor tour of how we bring Hush Puppies' brand essence to life and amplify its global footprint.

Rain Sneaker Animation for Hush Puppies
Puddle Jumpers: Not Just for Kids Anymore 👟💦

Lifestyle Production: From the sunny streets of LA to the bustling energy of New York, our production team embarks on a nationwide adventure to encapsulate the very lifestyle that defines the Hush Puppies brand. Not stopping there, our home turf studio is a canvas for crafting visual stories that leave an indelible mark.

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The videos we craft aren't confined to a single locale. They transcend borders, weaving a universal narrative that speaks to individuals worldwide. Specializing in lifestyle and fashion content, our production teams collaborate seamlessly with our skilled editors, harmonizing every frame to perfection in the post-production phase. The result? Content that doesn't just communicate but resonates deeply.

Post-Production: In the realm of filmmaking, the story isn't just confined to the moments captured on camera. It's in the delicate art of editing where those moments find their rhythm, their soul. With a lineage rooted in post-production mastery, Chop & Hue orchestrates a symphony of visuals and emotions, expertly breathing life into each frame. Our keen eye for detail and passion for storytelling transform raw footage into a captivating masterpiece.

Animation work for "Brite Jells" launch.

Animation: When brand elements dance with illustrations and imagination takes flight, you have our world of animation. At Chop & Hue, we don't just create animations; we craft voices for brands. On our latest motion design project, we carefully curated a global cast of voice-over talent, infusing authenticity and resonance. This piece was so impactful that it found its way into the hearts of people across the globe, prompting translations into five languages for global deployment.

Our partnership with Hush Puppies exemplifies the magic that happens when creativity and collaboration intertwine. Together, we don't just create content; we craft experiences, weave emotions, and amplify brand messages.

Join us in our journey of turning visions into vibrant brand stories.

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