Top Shelf with Warrior Hockey

Warrior R/V3 Pro+ Goalie Stick

With Warrior as our line mate, we embarked on a power-play of imagination, fearlessly maneuvering through the creative zone with finesse and precision. This extraordinary collaboration birthed a new product video for the R/V3 Pro+ Goalie Stick. By entrusting us with carte blanche, Warrior handed us the reins of creative control, granting us the freedom to unleash creativity and take the helm in shaping the branded product content.

Chapter One: The Miniature Ice Hockey Rink

Director of Photography, Jake Cleeves, working with Brandon Prim on Chop & Hue's miniature rink.

Born out of a deep love for hockey embedded in many of our team members, we embarked on an adventurous construction project — creating our very own miniature ice hockey rink. With just the basic elements of boards, screws, water, and the chilly air, we brought to life a vision that seamlessly integrated the world of hockey with our creative universe, right at our studio's doorstep.

Chapter Two: The Studio

Carrying the frosty spirit from the outdoors, we welcomed the R/V3 Pro+ Goalie Stick into the heart of our creative space. The stick — a piece of art in itself — radiated a futuristic aesthetic with its sleek metallic finish and eye-catching neon accents. To complement its appearance, we drew inspiration from revered science fiction films like Ex Machina, Arrival, and THX 1138, transforming our studio into a minimalistic, sci-fi sanctuary. The interplay of clean lines, geometric shapes, and metallic-glass fusion surfaces captured that elusive futuristic feel.

Chapter Three: Post-Production

Discussing craft services, probably.

Director Dustin Foster, worked with with Chop & Hue editors Leah Mazzara and Motion Design Leah Daniel Wiltshire to give the final flourish. They spun a web of 3D graphic elements, motion design, and studio footage, culminating in a breathtaking, state-of-the-art video for the RV/3 Goalie Stick. The use of rhythmic sound design created by Christian Cullen, only elevated the overall video impact, captivating viewers' attention while pushing the envelope of graphic design and presenting the goalie stick in an entirely new light.

The collaboration left even our client from Warrior Goalie, in awe:

Tdflkahsdf;alkwn;grioe ..Sorry I had to wipe the drool off my keyboard!!! LOL Amazing!! It’s the best looking stick video I’ve ever seen"!" - Kirk Allen, Warrior Goalie

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