A stunning product video is a valuable asset for online businesses. Can you imagine a time when the only way to visualize the ephemeral nature of a product was to have it "modeled" in a showroom, with little or not attention given to perspective and lighting? Us either! It's 2023, and we now live in an entirely different universe (one where Pluto is no longer a planet, and empires are founded on "memes").

In a digital world where video content is 👑, there's a clear divide between amateur YouTube uploads and professionally produced product videos. While anyone with a camera can make a video, not everyone can craft a compelling narrative that engages, persuades, and leaves a lasting impression.

Professional product videos are meticulously designed marketing tools. They leverage high-quality visuals, expert storytelling, and strategic messaging to showcase a brand's unique identity. It's about more than just capturing footage—it's about creating a visual experience that encapsulates the essence of a product.

Recently, we took the vibrant colored and sprited brand PUX Cider into our studio, with an aim to create a video that not only showcased the product but truly encapsulated its essence. We envisioned a thrilling interplay of speed and stillness, an eye-catching dance of colors, and the allure of crisp, fresh apples that are the heart of PUX Cider.

Behind every captivating product video lies a carefully orchestrated behind-the-scenes process that brings the brand's essence to life.

The star of our set was the PUX can itself, suspended in a water tank and beautifully contrasted with streams of colored ink. Fresh apples were sliced, dropped, and even smashed for that dynamic burst of energy. We took the viewer on an unexpected journey, peering through a pint glass for a different perspective.

We wanted to accentuate the blend of bright and vibrant colors of the Pux image and labeling, as well as high energy movement layered with a breath of slow motion.

This shoot was more than just another project. It was a journey of innovation, teamwork, and growth. We're eager to take the insights we gained and weave them into our future endeavors. Our mission is to continue sharing compelling stories that resonate with the audience and tantalize their senses.

So, pull up a barstool for more behind-the-scenes peeks at some of our visual experiences. The world of PUX Cider was just the beginning!

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