Making the Cut: From Grass to Edit

Greenworks Tools with Authenticity

Under the warm, painted skies of southern Georgia, the Chop & Hue team eagerly arrived in the historic city of Savannah ready for a long, humid week of production. Led by Director Dustin Foster and Director of Photography Jake Cleeves, embarked on a groundbreaking project. In just five days, the team captured the essence and power of 26 unique tools from Greenworks, resulting in over 50 compelling deliverables. The production challenge was monumental: showcase 26 battery-powered tools in a myriad of outdoor settings. From the lush green backdrops to the smaller yards nestled quietly against the historic Savannah landscape, every location served as a perfect stage to highlight the versatility and capabilities of the Greenworks tools. Mowers, chainsaws, edgers, and blowers were not only filmed but were presented as vital aids in everyday tasks, enhancing the user's experience with each frame captured.

Produced by Alli Andringa, Amy Marinari, and from AMG: Anna Udelhofen, Bill Danhof, and Susan Johnston-Patrick, the project was a testament to collaborative excellence and shared expertise, ensuring every aspect of the production was seamless and impactful.

The week was fueled on batteries. A lot of batteries.

3D animation of Greenworks battery, CGI by Daniel Wiltshire of Chop & Hue.
CGI by Daniel Witlshire

While the team sipped sweet-tea and continued to bring the tools’ ease of use and functionality to life against the picturesque Georgian landscape, 600 miles away, remote editor Leah Mazzara expertly sliced through footage, ensuring that the pace of deliverables matched the rapid on-set action. This dual-location production demonstrated not only the power of the tools but also the seamless collaboration and efficiency of the Chop & Hue team.


Powered by C2C (Camera to Cloud technology with our Partners at Frame.IO and RED) we were able to begin cutting each spot before the day was wrapped.

Using the cutting-edge technology of our partners at, with our RED Raptor XL. remote editor Leah was able to begin assembling the foundation of each of the 26 product videos in real-time. As the footage was captured in Georgia, it was simultaneously uploaded to the cloud, allowing the post-production team to work without delay. In Michigan, Daniel Wiltshire further enhanced the project by 3D modeling and animating each product, from the battery to its use, showcasing the sophisticated technology behind each Greenworks tool.

The week-long shoot was powered by countless batteries, highlighting the sustainable power solutions that Greenworks champions. This not only emphasized the eco-friendly aspect of the tools but also mirrored the energy and dedication of a team poised to tackle large-scale productions with finesse and vigor.

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