Joining Forces

Chop & Hue + Brave Wonder

When two creative forces align, magic happens. Brave Wonder and Chop & Hue have come together to form a powerhouse partnership that is set to bridge the two fresh-water creative shores of Lake Michigan with a vast roster of talent and expertise. By combining forces, Chop & Hue and Brave Wonder are now positioned to strenghten their geographical footprint and tap into additonal markets. Brave Wonder, under the esteemed leadership of Director Patrick Lewtschanyn, has successfully established a robust presence in the vibrant city of Chicago. Furthermore, the notable capabilities of Chop & Hue in Michigan have positioned them as a formidable force in their respective region. Through this strategic partnership, an exciting horizon of possibilities emerges, bringing forth an expanded client base and invaluable access to diverse industries in both regions.

Screenshot from a Brave Wonder film; Directed by Patrick Lewtschanyan

With Brave Wonder's ability to deliver remarkable visuals and Chop & Hue's unrivaled post-production team, spanning across multiple locations in Michigan, Tennessee and Texas, creates a win-win scenario that will leave clients and collaborators in awe and open the door to endless possibilities. Backed by their newly established Ada, Michigan studio in the enchanting landscapes of west Michigan, they are perfectly equiopped to provide a seamless collaboration and remote capabilities.

Lifestyle Brand Film for Hush Puppies. Shot on location in Charleston, SC. Directed by Dustin Foster

Whether you seek a captivating commercial or a compelling brand story, their shared commitment to cinematic narratives allows them to breathe life into your brand's story, creating a powerful connection with your target audience.

In their quest for artistic expression, Brave Wonder and Chop & Hue embark on independent endeavors that push creative boundaries. Beyond their client projects, they embrace the freedom to create their own short films and music videos. This spirit of exploration and innovation infuses their collaborative work with fresh ideas and a fearless approach.

Brave Wonder and Chop & Hue are eager to become your trusted creative partners. With their combined expertise.

We are thrilled about this expansion as it sets the stage for an exciting influx of creative opportunities and paves the way for fruitful collaborative ventures.

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