Simple Beauty of "Chasing Down a Ghost"

Chasing Down a Ghost - Music Video

The Simple Beauty of "Chasing Down a Ghost": How Director Dustin Foster & DP Keith Golinski Captured the Essence of Brian Dunne.

When digital chaos is the norm, genuine, heartfelt works make it to the spotlight. Brian Dunne's "Chasing Down a Ghost" is a testament to this, brought to life by Chop and Hue's Dustin Foster and shot by go-to collaborator and Director of Photography Keith Golinski. And oh, did we mention? Rolling Stone and American Songwriter sang Dunne's praises.

The Architects

Dustin Foster isn't just a director; he's a storyteller rooted deeply in his career as an award-winning editor. When paired with a seasoned Director of Photography like Keith Golinski, the result is nothing short of authentic. Foster puts it best: "In American singer-songwriter music, it's not the spectacle that catches you; it's the soul. And soul shines through every time." Foster, Golinski, Dunne an April blizzard and -20 degree temps was all it took for this soul-chilling video.

A Resounding Echo

Authenticity as the North Star

This isn't about jumping on trends. It's about rising artists like Brian Dunne and breakthrough creators like Foster and Golinski making their mark by prioritizing authenticity. It ain't just a music video; it's a vibe when all the pieces fall into place.

This isn't Foster and Dunne's first collab, but one of their favorites. Foster loves the genre and has worked with breakout Nashville singer-songwriter Liz Longley and Canadian folk singer-songwriter Ken Yates.

I want to keep the vibe alive like a slow-burning hearth in a rustic cabin, bringing the very roots of love, loss, hope, and heartbreak to the surface. You know.. a natural pick me up. -- Foster

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